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Tell Us Your Funny Story - Missed Photo

We did this last year on the Panasonic forum and it was a big laugh for everybody. Don't be embarrassed it happens to all of us.

I will start it off.

THE PERFECT STALK (From 2006 Winter)

Back in early March I was in a white out (lots of snow & wind here in the hight country) I saw a large dark object in a group of cottonwood trees. Stopped the car and started glassing. The snow was really coming down so not much detail available. I checked the wind and decided I needed to go down in the draw for about a quarter mile then I would be upwind and I could get my photo when I climbed to the top of the ridge. I was sure I saw some movement when I had him spotted with my binoculars. It must be a large Golden Eagle because I couldn't see any white at the top of the black image. The truth is I couldn't see any detail but a black thing in the tree. The movement had to be his feathers in the wind.

Snow up to my knees in the draw didn't cause me to hesitate I was in the middle of the perfect stalk (Eat your heart out Daniel Boone). Sometimes it just feels good to know how smart and good you are. About 3 more feet to the top I found the top of another tree and use it to focus, now I got him. Should be a great photo, a large eagle in a white out snow storm. Got to the top and noticed some limbs in the way so no problem all I have to do is keep the shutter down enough for the focus and move to my left and towards him and then I have the photo of the year. Almost there all that is left to overcome is a batch of oak. Crawl through the oak raise up and ................It is a black garbage bag that the wind had blown up into the tree. Well forget the eat your heart out Daniel Boone its time for me to go home and dry off.

IMHO: Sometimes the missed photos are almost as much fun as the ones you get.

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