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My lunch time wandering almost over, I saw this mallard zoom right by me and land in a little spash of a marsh close to me. At this time of year, mallards are usually in pairs and I got myself ready to capture the hen flying in to the marsh since I figuredshe'd be close behind the male. It didn't happen. As I wasclose tothe male I asked it where it's mate was (yes, I do talk to the animals - so far none have answered me :lol. And, much to my surprise, it started to make soft quacking sounds. It's open bill was too much to pass up. It then proceeded to recount its tale of a lost love and a broken heart(in my imagination, of course). Cheers, Dan
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What an unusual capture a talking Duck.

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Wonderful ! My wife made observation, "It almost looks like a cartoon." How could you stop laughing long enough to get a good shot?
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I thought the same thing, "a cartoon". Maybe he was singing...

"On with the show this is it!!!"

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Cute stuff Dan.....Don.
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