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Was surprised today by this gopher, was taking a walk and found him/her chewing on some grass, stuck around long enough for me to get about 10 pictures and some video as well although he/she does look a little ticked off lol

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nice gopher shot. he looks kinda angry. that's kind of unusual to see a gopher out and about during the daytime isn't it? don't they usually live underground.

- hung
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hmm that lil guy looks like he has seen better days. Looks like his fur is missing on his back. Its a good shot though.

We see gophers out and about during the day lots here. (mostly running across the roads trying not to get hit :shock
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I wonder he's shedding his winter coat and worried about losing his hair. Watch your toes walking nearby, he does look grumpy.
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OK, I'm pretty sure that this is a woodchuck a.k.a. groundhog. They often contract a skin parasite (tick) that causes their furto fall off. If it gets bad enough, they don't survive winter, even in their dens, because they an't stay warm. Poor thing. Dan
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