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It was a beautiful afternoon and so I decided to hike a bit through the wildlife sanctuary. I went a different way than my usual route, just enjoying the cool breeze and quietness. There wasn't much in the way of birding activity, so I looped back to the entrance. Almost back at the parking lot, I ran into another photographer who was camped out with a massive tripod and a 600mm Nikon lens, next to a pond. I said hello and asked what he was up to. He said that the local ospreys have been catching fish out of this pond. About fifteen minutes later, right on cue, a magnificent osprey swoops towards us from over the nearby trees.


This was it baby. The moment that I have been waiting for, for a long time now. I wanted to bring home the mother of all BIF shots... an osprey catching a fish. Unlike the fishing ospreys that I have spotted way out in the bay, this one was much closer. The pond was only about the size of half a soccer field. This was my chance. I was pumped. The hungry osprey continued to circle overhead.


A couple of times it would stall in midair and make like it was diving for a fish, only to pull up before hitting the water. I kept on firing off bursts of shots in continuous shooting mode, worrying that I would run out of buffer space at a critical moment. The osprey didn't seem to worry. It just kept on circling overhead.


Suddenly something caught it's eye. The osprey banked hard with its head completely focus and locked on a target down below in the water.


It tucked in it's wings and dove.


I managed to keep it in my viewfinder for a bit while it plummeted down towards the water. With my finger pressed firmly on the button, my shutter fired like a machine gun on full auto.


Unfortunately, the trajectory of the dive brought the moment of the catch behind some marsh reeds. I wasn't able to capture the moment of impact in the water, but I was able to get the osprey flying off with dinner.


It was a beautiful afternoon spent at the San Joaquin Wildlife Sanctuary. The osprey was able to bring home a juicey carp for dinner and I came home with a few keepers too!


Thanks for looking.

- Hung
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Great series!

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Great series Hung!

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Wow, Wow & WOW!!!! what a wonderful action series. Sounds like a great day. You done did gooood.

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Grea catch royce10 [for you and the osprey !!!]
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Super sequence, especially 4, 5, & 6 - you can just feel the action.

Nice going, hung.
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Great series Hung!! Your efforts are really paying off..........cheers.........Don
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I like them all Hung! Great series.
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Wow. What a great series of shots. Almost like time lapse photography. You were at the right place at the right time...but more important...you has the right skills.

Top marks. BTW what equipment did you use for those wonderful pictures.
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Great concentration and shooting, Hung! This is a nice series.
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