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these birds are extremely shy and skittish, and seldom come out in the open. most times, you can hear them in the reeds or grasses, but you seldom get more than a fleeting glimpse of the bird itself. these are the first halfway decent shots i've managed of this elusive bird.. i was at the park this evening, just enjoying the sunset, when i heard the rail close by. i looked down from the boardwalk, and there it was, foraging in relatively open ground. i had my FZ20 with the 1.4x converter on, but because of the extremely low light (it was about half an hourafter sunset), and the FZ's painfully slow focus even under good conditions, i was using manual focus and hoping to catch the bird in the spot i focused on... of course, these were also taken with the flash...

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Nice job rocky. I agree on the difficulty of getting shots of these guys. I have yet to get anything other than blurs in the reeds.


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Excellent capture of a rare sighting indeed Squirl!! We have these around here, but chances are, you'll never see one. This is a rare capture for sure...well done!!...Don
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