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It was a good thing I ate a hearty breakfast before heading out. I ended up hiking about 5 miles round trip to get these shots. I was talking to another bird photographer at the Bolsa Chica ecological reserve this morning. I asked him if he had seen any raptors lately. He said that he saw some in the eucalyptus groves way at the back of the reserve. I hiked about halfway through the grove and didn't spot anything interesting to shoot. I was about to turn back when I saw something fly through the branches overhead.


It landed and I got a better look. It was a Coopers Hawk. It saw me and took flight to another tree. I hurried to catch up with it. This hide and seek game continued for another 45 minutes. I was surprised that it never just flew off into the blue sky. It would take these short gliding flights into the surrounding trees throughout the grove. Following the hawk, I hiked deeper and deeper into the grove. Every once in awhile it would swoop down and try to grab a squirrel, but it didn't have much luck today.


I never manage to get a good BIF shot of it because it kept flying in the shade of the trees and through the branches. Eventually it grew bored with our little game and flew off over a hill. I turned around and slowly made my way back out. By the time I made it back to my car, my feet were tired and sore, but I was still smiling.


Thanks for looking

- Hung
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Excellent shots! Nice and sharp...Makes me want to get a digital SLR.
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Super job, Hung!Another set of shots where effort paid off.
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wow, great captures!
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