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A triple digit heat wave rolled through our area last week, so I wasn't able to get out much for shooting. However, the weather cooled off nicely this weekend. Grabbing my gear, I headed out for some fresh air at San Joaquin Wildlife Sanctuary.

1) This Red-tailed hawk came cruising in relatively low over a pond. Usually I spot them riding thermals way up in the sky. This is the first one I've captured this year.


3) I was hanging out with some other bird photographers. When this little fellah came out from the marsh reeds, it was paparazi time. Evidently it is a Sora Rail, which is on the endangered species list.


5) The 600mm club. We were all huddled on the concrete ramp at the edge of the pond. Some of these guys even had 1.4x teleconverters on their 600mm lens. Crazy! This is a very popular spot in the late afternoon because the light comes over your shoulder and baths the wading birds in golden front light. Check out the guy laying flat on his belly to get the low angle shots. I'm surprised the ants didn't eat him alive.

To be continued...

Thanks for looking.

- Hung

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Wow Hung, Great shots of the Hawk and that other thing... These are the shots we miss over at the Pentax forums. At least I know where I can find them now

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Terrific capture! Also interesting to seehow frentic people over your side are over avian photography.

In HK, there is still another month to go before the migratory birds from the north come by and take a rest here before moving further south. By then, big guns will be every where in the popular sites for bird watching.
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Nice picture of an immature Sora, Hung- they don't stay out in the open very long. The Sora is one of our smaller rails, but I believe you have been misinformed about its status. There is an even smaller one - the Black Rail - which is endangered, and has been reportedly heard but not seen in several coastal estuaries, including Upper Newport Bay. Get a picture of one of those and you will have a real coup. Clapper Rail chicks are black and may be mistaken for Black Rails.
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Thanks guys.

Nick - Yup you definitely know where to find me. Hehe

wk7leung - Ya here in the states, bird photographers are pretty hard core. The pics these guys take are amazing. Check out their portfolios.


penolta - Ah. I'm glad to hear that this charming little bird is not on the endangered species list.

best regards,

- Hung
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Hung, excellent picures!!! the first pic of the sora is really nice!!! too bad that blurred rock is there!! I think if had a clear view, the shot would be truly, outstanding!!! But, we got to take them as we get them and you did really well!!! At least your sora was in clean clear water. I posted a pic of one recently and all we got it in was green muck!!! Paparazzi time!!! that reminds me of a time when we had a vacationing ash troated flycatcher come to town. Ther had to have been more than 20 people clcicking away. but, that's another story. Good work!!!

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Hung they're all great. #3 is a wall hanger (IMHO) for those water rings. That was the perfect moment for the shot. A+
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