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1) Northern Shoveler. This guy was semi-backlit. I had to use aggressive adjustments on highlights/shadows to bring back the details on the wings. I don't have any shots of a Northern Shoveler, let alone one in flight which was why I tried hard in post processing to salvage this pic. Most of the time they have their heads low in the water sweeping back and forth filtering for food which doesn't make for picturesque shots. I'm hoping to get more ducks shots as we move closer to winter.

2) Black necked stilt

3) Song Sparrow

4) Whimbrel landing

5) Great Blue Heron. This was the last shot of the day. The sun had already dipped low behind the distant hills. This creekbed was cast in shadows. I didn't think I could get a blur free shot since I do not have any form of image stabilization with my current gear. However, I recently bought a monopod which I had with me in my backpack. Since this heron didn't seem like it was going anywhere, I put on the monopod and took some shots. This shot was taken at 1/250 sec. I was very pleased with the sharpness considering that this is a 400mm lens.

thanks for looking and commenting

- hung
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What great shots Hung. You do this forum proud. I love the eye on your first shot.
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#2 is a terrific shot judging by the angle of the stilt's wings, the eye contact, the details on the plumage as well as the accuracy of theexposure. The size is about right occupying the 1/3 position. Thestilt's position alsoimparts a sense of flying into the space in front of it, creating a sense of motion in the mind of the viewers. On the whole,an awesome shot. Keepup with the good work.
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Nicely done Hung

Thanks for sharing
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Excellent series Hung! Love the job you did on the Shoveler. Shadows/highlight is real useful tool sometimes....worked great here...cheers...Don
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