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inspired by thekman620's recent dragonfly in flight shots, i just had to give it a try. however the problem was finding a suitable subject. for the last couple of weekends at san joaquin wildlife sanctuary, i have noticed a sharp decline in the numbers of dragonflies that i would see flying about. i attributed this to the recent colder temperatures. yesterday however was my lucky day. i was looking out my backyard window when i noticed this particular dragonfly circling around my yard. here was my chance! i ran into my office, grabbed my gear, and put on my extension tube.


just finding the flighty little bugger in midair and getting a sharp focus was challenging because it rarely remained still. it seemed to fly in a certain circular path through my yard and into the neighboring yards and then back. i waited and waited worrying that it would simply just fly away. finally it swooped down into my yard and hovered for about 4 seconds. i fired off a burst of shots and hoped for the best. i only wish I could have caught it facing the camera.


it made one more pass over my yard and then off it flew into the blue skies. as my luck was running good that day, soon afterwards this Gulf Fritillary paid my backyard a quick visit. i was glad that i still had my extension tube still on. after processing the pics, i added some borders to try to make them look more "professional." Hahahah. let me know what you guys think of the borders and titles. suggestions always appreciated.

thanks for looking and commenting

- hung
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Awesome shots, Hung and the presentations are very nice, too.

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You did well, Hung! Even if the Dragon Fly was facing away, they are not easy...as you know. Beautiful shot of the butterfly. Glad to know the ID on it as I have been getting some of those lately.
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Great shots Hung! Those dragonfly's almost tease you when trying to get shots of them. Little bu__ers hover, and then just when it's the right time, take off on you. Love the butterfly. Awesome colour! I think your framing looks pretty good........cheers...Don
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stunning shots, great light and color
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Your Fritillary is a female, Hung. I have added a photo of a male to the end of the Fritillary life history. http://forums.steves-digicams.com/fo...mp;forum_id=80

Nice dragonfly - you can see the front legs tucked in behind the head. Now that you have gotten the South end going North, you can work on the other end!:-)
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One cant appreciate a great shot unless you tried to take it yourself. I spent a couple days trying get flying dragonflies. After a couple hundred shots they all amounted to zip. Well done Hung.
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Awesome dragonfly shot!
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Fine work on both, my favorite is the butterfly, that is one very nice composition in all respects.
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