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Nice shots! For what it's worth, I always shoot white subjects with "spot metering" vs "Matrix" metering in my Nikon. That matrix always tries to balance out the image to an even grey % and in spot metering I get a far better picture. I'm not sure what you shot in, I just thought I'd add that to this thread in the hope that it can help somebody at somepoint. :-)
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nice shooting vp. even though you shot in harsh daylight, you did pretty well to protect the highlights. the first shot there is just a little bit of blown highlights at the top of its back. very small and it does not affect the overall image at all.

i agree with mike. i usually shoot in partial metering (which is the canon 20d's closest thing to spot metering). i also adjust my exposure compensation to -1/3 automatically. if the bird is hanging out, then i will review my image histogram and go down to -1 if needed.

- one suggestion that i have that i think is important to the pic is the eye of the bird. in my opinion if they bird is looking at you, then the eye must be sharp or else it will negatively affect the overall image. i often pay special attention to the eye when i am sharpening the pic. i go through my usual algorithm for sharpening the overall pic with the sharpen>resize>smart sharpen. now if after that the eye still is a bit dull or dark then i will use the lasso tool to select the eye only and i will use unsharp mask just to bring out the catch light a bit more on the eye. the trick is to not overdo it. i think the eye sharpness could be improved in pics #1 and 2.

- #3 pic is my favorite. very sharp (especially on the eye). excellent details. good protection of the white highlights

best regards

- hung
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