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I spotted this deer on my way home on the back roads tonight and my camera was essentially parked for good this night since the sun had set and it was time for putting on the car headlights. I spotted this deer on an incline, it gazed at me, frozen, so I picked up the camera and boosted ISO to 1250 and set my shutter at 1/100th, hoping to get something worthwhile from 400mm's with the 100-400. I got some action blur of course but was pleased with the way the camera retained the color saturation and was able to focus in this low light scenario.

First shot of the deer from the road, it spotted me and froze, as usual

Then, after seeing me point the lens it began to calculate the next action, which direction to scramble

Off it went, but from that distance the blur was not too terrible considering a 1/100th shutter. I personally loved the shot perspective, from the hill angle, which initially caused me to stop in the first place as I spotted something that "looked" like a deer but thought that it was probably some dead fall. Thankfully it was a deer.

Here's my "artsy farted...zy" close up, with blur on the action. I'm sure many will not appreciate the "blur" but sharp isn't everything, just one chapter

And one instant later the beast was gone, an "artsy" wide angle as it disappeared

And that's my low light deer experience. Thanks for having a look.

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great series norm. even though it was low light, the exposure was still spot on and that is what i find is the most important part in getting a good shot. the deer really stands out quite well against the dark faded background. i like the blurred shot as well. the eye of the deer is sharp enough while the tail and hind legs are blurred to capture a sense of fleeting motion. this series just goes to show you. never put away the camera until you actually get home.

- hung
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I like 1 & 2 very much. Simple, no exaggeration and engaging. I was like in the scene in direct confrontation with the deer. I was like looking at the deer from a distance, and suddenly he saw me.He was wondering what I would do, so before I acted, he remained calm and tried his utmost to squeeze out the fear in him. Very interesting. Looking at1 & 2, I was like confronting an egret or a heron at the seashore.

The background is just right. The trees and the fence were perpendicular and were in line with theposture of the deer. On this, 1 is better than 2.

Before going, just love the eye contact the deer had with the camera.In theglare, I could imagine of thepace of the heart beat of the the deer's.

Simplicity is beauty.
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Thanks very much, Hung and Flutelady, very much appreciated.

Wk7leung, that has to be the most amazing and exact summary of what I personally saw in that animal. It was like you were explaining it's thoughts. I enjoyed the experience with the animal at the time but now I enjoy it more because of your commentary. Thanks for the words.
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