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Great job on these!
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royce10 wrote:
great shots mike! i love aquarium photography. the first shot is a catalina goby. the second fish is a squirrel fish i think. the 3rd one is a parrot fish. not sure about the 5th fish. i need to pay a visit to that aquarium again. thanks for posting

- hung
Thelast one is a Leafy Sea Dragon, a rather bizarre seahorse, native to the tropical South Pacific, and well camouflaged among the seaweeds. The next to last (the yellow one) is a Frogfish, belonging to afamily (Antennariidae) which includes the Sargasso Fishand Anglerfishes whichare ambush predators thatbait prey with an appendage that resemmbles a wiggling worm (not shown in this picture)and sucks in prey whenthey opentheir large mouths.

Good pictures - not the easiest to take u nder the conditions.
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