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With the recent wildfires here in southern california and the resultant smokey air, I've been couped up in the house for the past few weeks. I finally managed to get out to the wildlife sanctuary this afternoon. When I pulled up to the parking lot at the wildlife sanctuary, the marine layer had come in much earlier than I expected. The light was dull and grey and I half thought about getting back into my car to go back home. However, since I was already here, I decided to at least go for a nice hike and get some fresh air. I was lucky I decided to stay.

1) I was walking along one of the trails when I spotted this bobcat sneaking into one of the ponds.

This was our 3rd meeting. This is by far my best shot of her. As soon as I spotted her, I scooted to the side of the path into the bushes and crouched down as to not spook her. You can really see the leopard patterns, wispy points on the ears and elongated sideburns well. I was elated!


As I was firing off bursts of shots, I heard voices coming up behind me. It was a troop of little boy scouts. They spotted the bobcat and ran up to get a closer look. She bolted into the bush to hide from them. #%$^$#$%! I was so annoyed, but I kept my cool and didn't say anything. I actually started walking away in hopes that they would continue with their hike and leave the bobcat alone. I made my way down to the bend in the path and sat down. From here I had a good vantage point if the bobcat tried to make it's way back. The boy scout troop milled about around that spot for awhile. I waited some more.


After about 20 minutes, I decided to swing wide of this area to see if I could give the bobcat some room to come out from hiding. The boy scout troop finally left and as I came back to this spot from a different direction, the bobcat showed itself again.


It spotted me this time and slinked back into the thickets. However, this time I knew exactly where it was hiding. I could still see it from the trail. Getting a clear shot of it was hard because of the low light and dense branches. My autofocus kept on locking onto the branches, so I just focussed manually. If you look at it's left ear, you can see the green ID tag. Pretty cool day at the wildlife sanctuary.



Thanks for looking and commenting.

- Hung
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WOW, don't know what else to say.
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Cool series and a great story to go along with it.
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Beautiful cat, and some very nice work on your behalf!
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You lucky dog,.. err.. I mean cat. Glad to see that your patience paid off. These are wonderful. Thanks for posting. Dan
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Super series on the Bobcat, Hung! Just shows what a little perserverance can result in. Has always amazed me at how big the feet are on these cats.
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Wow, fantastic series Hung! What a great opportunity to photograph such a beautiful animal. Love those close up shots. Well done!

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royce10 wrote:
I was walking along one of the trails when I spotted this bobcat sneaking into one of the ponds.
Congratulations for a successful 1200th posting. What an exciting posting! Lots of patience seen paid in tracking the creature. I like #6 most. The gazewas fully captured. Apparently, this gaze captured the attention of many a viewer who saw it.In one sense, the excellent exposure, light contrast and focusing hold the attention of the viewers, but it is always the context of the shot that holds viewers attention for a much longer time. Definitely, will come back againfor another look tomorrow before work begins.

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Amazing shots!
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Awesome series Hung! Great shots and detail. It must have been a hoot to get this close....cheers..Don
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