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This afternoon I was at my local botanical gardens when I stumbled onto a mass of bird activity clustered around a couple of small trees with red berries. The robins pretty monopolized the tree, but within about a fifteen minute period, I caught a wide variety of avian life, many of which came far closer to me than I am normally able to get to them.

Don't you just hate the random pine bough you just can't seem to shoot around and can't clone out without looking phony?

This little yellow-throated vireo came within ten feet to check out the big, funny man with the long thing sticking out of his face.

Hopping from branch to branch in the small shrubs and low trees was a white-throated sparrow, the first of these I've seen in our area

A tufted titmouse waited for me to start a lens change before he landed on a branch not three feet from me, so, of course, I didn't get a shot of him, but I got the clearest shot I've ever gotten of a Carolina wren.

The Carolina wren was headed up a tree, while a white-breasted nuthatch was headed the opposite direction on a nearby pine.

As quickly as the feeding frenzy started, it was over.....going from so many birds it was impossible to shoot all of them to no birds heard or seen in 15 minutes.
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You got a nice variety of birds there during the frenzy. There just like unwelcomed relatives, show up for a meal and then Pooooft! There gone. :lol:
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Great pics.. especially like the white throated Sparrow. well done!

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Nice series, Paul. Excellent shot on the Sparrow. That feeding frenzy is wild isn't it? In my backyard there can be no birds moving, then a Chickadee will come in, look around, and start calling. In a couple of minutes the place is working alive and then,as you said...they are gone.
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nice captures paul. i like #1 and 3. the berries in 1 make for a nice background. i like the pose on #3. the last shot you can probably run through a noise reduction program which should clean it up nicely.

- hung
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Looks like you were in the land of plenty :lol:. I really liked your WTS - so much so in fact thatI couldn't help myself and did a quick & dirty clone of the branches sprouting from its head so I could appreciate its beauty. Hope you don't mind... Danaranoid:
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Old Dec 11, 2007, 2:58 AM   #7
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Like them all especially the white throated Sparrow, never seen a Sparrow like that before.
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some nice looking birds there
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