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Technical, for those interested:
Shot with the Mark III and 300/4 IS at ISO 1600. No post processing was applied to these shots except for some selective sharpening on the subject. I actually like the noise effect with this camera at this ISO so I have not applied any noise reduction, just resized for posting.

It was cold but not extremely cold, also it was overcast, but one plus was that I spotted a few Red Poles, hopefully I'll get a chance at a few of them in the near future.


Chickadee with a subtle berry

Male Woody

Nuthatch in classic pose

One more of the Woody, thanks for peeking and happy holidays all

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WOW, WOW & WOW. Mighty fine work.

Wacky roger
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Thanks, Roger, once you get used to the workings of this camera and have a chance to apply your own individual love to the settings, I honestly think that you will be absolutely blown away by it's performance. I went back today into my files at the same time of year last season to see the differences in the same subject and the differences especially in IQ, saturation, and metering was a moment of satisfaction for me because it clearly demonstrates that the camera can and does do wonders when used effectively. I used RAW with the Mark II just prior to selling it and picking up the Mark III a few months ago. The Mark II benefitted from the RAW conversion. I tried RAW with the Mark III and then JPG mode and have not gone back to RAW with this camera to date. If I had seen good reason to use RAW with the Mark III I would have used it, after all, it's there to use. But this camera is so impressive in picking up detail that I simply cannot justify the extra work flow, so far. Who knows, that decision may change in future, but I'm extremely pleased with results that I am getting now and don't plan to change work flow in the near future, it just doesn't seem necessary to me.

Again, you have some amazing equipment now and I'm sure you will be dazzling all of us as you grow with your new rig. Happy 65th!
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Wonderful shots, Norm. Happy holidays!
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Well Norm you did it again. #2 is perfect. The pose, composition, lighting, bokeh, focus have all come together in a perfect picture. Be proud, they are not easy to obtain. It goes well with your chickadee shot on another post.
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Reallynice. I like them all. Cheers, Dan
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