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Norm,since you're addicted to these little guys, ithought i'd share some of my chickadee shots from last spring... they bounce around like little pinballs most of the time, but this one stayed fairly close, and paused long enough on several occasions for a nice photo or two...

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Way to go Rocky, I have to choose #2 as my favorite. You done did goood.

Wacky roger

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Hey, Squirl, interesting that you would post these because for the first time this spring I spent about 2 weeks watching and photographing chickadees in "spring" feeding their young. This was a first for me because up here they usually disappear into some log to give birth. Clearly these shots of yours show a feeding parent taking the grub to the kids. It was an amazing experience for me and I sat about 3 feet from the hole in the dead stump where the chicks could be heard screaming in their cute little voices for mom and dad to bring the next meal. Those parents worked non-stop, it was a beautiful thing.

One thing that I noticed was the scruffiness of the chickadees in comparison to these birds in winter. They seem to have a very ruffled and wild wooly feathering in spring, picking up just about every piece of new growth in creation as they wander about looking for more grubs and worms. Your post here reminds me of that great adventure.

That last shot with the wide eyes is a real beaut, thanks for sharing these, very very enjoyable.
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All of these are superb, but my fave is the last one. Something about that that wide-eyed look just resonates in me. Thanks for sharing. Dan
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fantastic series rocky. very sharp and clear.

- hung
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