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These were all shot either today or yesterday with the Mark III and 100-400 at F/5.6, no flash. Thank you kindly for having a look. Finally got a bit of blue sky and sunlight for about half an hour today, first time in awhile. It was refreshing


Two (This Magpie snorts snow) :shock:

Three (I shot this one in a grain field from a country road while on my way to my "regular" campsite location). I liked the grain stumps as a backdrop.

Four (Male Downy and, ack, some actual blue!)

Five (More WB Nut)

Six (Attack mode)

Seven (What the prey see immediately prior to being swallowed whole)

Eight, thanks for looking, as always. Cheers!
PS - I won't tell you what this species is, I'll let you guess :|

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Great work as usual Norm. I really love the magpieover corn stubble photo - it really shows the bird off welll. And you actually made me chuckle with that bit about the snorting magpie:G. Cheers, Dan
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Old Jan 3, 2008, 10:26 PM   #3
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Great shots Norm. I've never seen a Magpie live. You've definitely caught some beauties here. I love the closeup and that eye. Number 8 reminded me immediately of "A Clockwork Orange" Sinister looking that pose is. And some blue sky backgrounding the Woody - very nice. Are the Magpies a close relative to the Red Wing Black Birds? Their expressions seem similar to me............cheers...Don
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Old Jan 4, 2008, 12:12 AM   #4
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A pleasure as always Norm. What was the circumstances for pic 7. How is it the bird was below you?
Also great last shot of the Montana Hummer. A keeper for sure. :blah:
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Old Jan 4, 2008, 12:58 AM   #5
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Beauties all. After looking at number 7 I now know what's meant by the term "Birds eye view" Kinda.:lol: I really like the portrait view of number 1 too.
If your in the Northwest I wlish you good luck with the pending storm. We are well south of it's track and they are predicting 60mph gusts in the Sacramento Valley. Yipes!:shock:
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Great shots, the magpie is a stunner. I really the two flight shots.

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The texture and lightingof the Magpie closeups are super. My favorite would be the Downy...it actually looks like it is sitting still on purpose.
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Old Jan 4, 2008, 11:05 PM   #8
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Thanks all, much appreciated!

Dan, those Magpies are a never ending source of entertainment :lol:

Don, thanks, they do have a sinister appearance when viewed up close like that, they are more in the family of the jays and crows. The coolest thing about them is their seeming intelligence and how the act and react.

Thanks Bynx, excellent question. I was standing, leaning against my vehicle while the bird rustled about on a cloth foldup chair looking for cashews and "nosing" everything else right off the chair. I had to lean back to get the bird in the minimum focus range with as maximum telephoto that I could muster at that close range. This past season the Magpies have begun to trust me much more than before, which is perhaps because I never ever shoo them away and let them do what they wish. Apparently they appreciate the respect :-)

Thanks, Steve, so far so good this year with weather. I'd like to see more blue sky but the warmth has been unbeatable these last few days.

Many thanks, Paul!

Sabine, I appreciate your comment and indeed the woody's often wait and check things out thoroughly; they seem to be more patient than the other birds in this campground (patience being seconds rather than milliseconds :-) )
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Awesome and very beautiful photos.
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