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i plan to get another dlsr that i will use for my wildlife pics. i would appreciate general advice on what zoom lens to get. i am thinking 100-400.

btw, i am looking at sony alpha 300/350 and oly e-3 cameras . . . for 3 reasons - live view, articulating lcd & image satbilization.


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Ellen, the 100-400L is an excellent choice. it's got enough zoom to be useful, yet it's light and portable enough that it's not a huge chore to carry. it has stabilization, so you don't need a stabilized body. (on the other hand, if you HAVE a stabilized body, like the Pentax K10D, you can get by with a cheaper lens by not paying for IS...). i got extremely good results with my Sigma EX 80-400 as well, till Canon "upgraded" the firmware in their newer cameras, and the Sigma started giving me error messages.

as far as bodies, the new Canons (40D, 1D mk III) have "live preview" feature as well. i've used it a few times on my 40D, and it works quite nicely. i don't have the articulated LCD, but frankly, i have never needed one.
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i would wait for few more weeks..sigma came out with the 150-500 and 120-400

the 150-500 is stabilized lens and from what we know of te 50-500 this new 150-500 should be definitely better than the 50-500 in every aspect with the image stabilization. The cost will approximately be similar t o the 100-400L

The 100-400L is a push pull type and its a little olde lens from canon. Which i feel will be replaced this year with a different version. I can bet my money on this prediction knowing that simga and nikon have a good 200-400 lens.

If ur interested in other mounts and alos WILDLIFE mainly i would suggest the Olympus E-510 with the Sigma 50-500

This effective focal length is 100-1000mm. 1000mm is about the right focal length for any wildlife. And remember that the E-510 is Body Stabalized camera.meaning every lens u attach is Image Stabilize.

With 1d mark III and 500mm with a 1.4x tele, i am still short. Thats 910mm

So a 1000mm lens is not at all BAD considering the quality of it.

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what's your budget? lens and camera body options can be a long list or a very short list depending on how much you are willing to spend.

- hung
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