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Awesome Jim!! I would love to see one of these. Well done!....cheers...Don
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Excellent Jim! Well done. What a beautiful owl.


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penolta wrote:
Wonderful pictures of a neat little bird. :-)
The only downside is that itturned its head to follow you in #4 -- the back side of its head has a couple of marks that are supposed to resemble eyes, so that a predator sneaking up from the rear would think it was being watched - and they are larger than the bird's own eyes, so that in weak light or darkness it would give the impression of a larger bird! A pretty neat defence! Would have made a truly great picture - think you can find it again?
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Thanks for the back ground information penolta. It really is an amazing little bird. I plan to go back next weekend if the weather is nice. The birders told me there is a few in the area.

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wow. what an amazing find. it must have made your day! beautiful shots jim.

- hung
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Awesome and beautiful photos.
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beautiful bird..lovely find..wish i can find them somewhere here
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