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Old Mar 13, 2008, 11:41 PM   #11
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thanks everybody. i'm glad you guys enjoyed the series. i'm use to seeing osprey munching on these carps but i never knew a gbh could swallow one whole. seeing is believing!

- hung

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Well, the Ospreys won't raid your backyard fishpond, but the herons taste for ornamental fish (Koi and goldfish are also carp)makes it impossible to keep anything larger than Gambusia in this part of the country. A friend with a small koi pond had to keep it covered with a wire screen to protect them from the Night Herons which had eaten them repeatedly in the past. Recently we had a Great Blue prospecting our pond, and not too long ago a Snowy, but they were too late - the Night Herons (and maybe other nocturnal marauders plus neighborhood cats) cleaned out our goldfish long ago. After several tries we gave up - sems they couldn't hide under the lilypads forever. Greenbacks still try for the Gambusia occasionally, but we don't see them much - maybe the Cooper's Hawk that has been harvesting doves at our feeders is keeping them away. If it is not one thing it is another - never a dull moment.
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Amazing captures Hung! Beautiful lighting.

I can't believe he swallowed that thing :O


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Wow Hung, these are spectacular!!! I really enjoy the action, contrast and saturation. Everything really comes together here. If I was forced to choose a favorite out of the series it would be #2. It's way too cool! Also, I think I heard a belch from #7.

These captures just scream WILD AMERICA.


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excellent series, Hung... i've never managed to catch one with a fish that big. i think the 3rd one is my favorite... love the clarity of the scales on the fish!
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thanks guys!

penolta - i have a friend who has a small backyard koi pond. he has had to chase many a heron and egret away.

kent - it was a sunny day but there were few scattered clouds overhead to diffuse the harsh midday light just enough. i think that helped to bring out the colors for this series.

will - i was lucky that day to be at the right place at the right time. the gbh got a nice meal and i walked away with some cool shots. thumbs up all around!

rocky - i think the light hit the fish at a good angle for that shot so i was able to capture alot of the details on the scales. i was shooting bursts in continuous fire mode so it was just a lucky shot.

best regards all,

- Hung

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