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The Nose Knows (Turkey Vulture)

The sense of smell of the Turkey Vulture is phenomenal. From 200 feet in the air they can smell a dead mouse under leaves in a forest. Their beak has a hole all the way through it that allows odors to pass through from both sides. When they soar on thermals in the sky they are attempting to scent carrion. They are the only North American raptor with a developed sense of smell, and Black Vultures will "hang out" with Turkey Vultures to find food. Once the food is found, the more aggressive Black Vulture will run the Turkey Vulture off of the carcass. When Texas gas lines develop leaks, the scent of a dead animal is injected into the pipes. Repairmen then go out in helicopters looking for circling vultures without any carrion on the ground, and they know that they have found their leak.





Up close, IMHO not the prettiest bird in our valley

Wacky roger
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Awesome shots Roger!! Thanks for the bio on the Turkey Vulture. I had no idea how ole' Ma Nature had "built" these interesting birds....cheers....Don
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"not the prettiest bird in our valley"

amen. great shots of the ugly thing, tho'.

ellen fl
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yu are right..one of the ugliest birds in photographic sense. But these are really clear shots and great clarity

i found one of the black turkey vultures here...again not the prettiest
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