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I like the vert perspectivea little better... maybe not as tight of a crop.


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Good job on the verticle crop, it works with this pose better IMO. :-)
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Great shot VP. What a beautiful bird.......cheers...Don
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Sabine wrote:
I appreciate the comments, Mike, Goldwinger, Flutelady, and Bob.

Goldwinger...I used a Canon 30D and 400L 5.6 lens. Distance was around 20 feet.

Mike, I cropped it a little closer. Thanks for the suggestions!

Well... no wonder I'm disapointed with my 500mm, I'm trying to get those shots at 300 feet!
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Thanks again, Mike and Kent. I agree, Kent, it probably needs just a bit more to the right.

Thanks, Don. These little guys stand out in good light with the bright yellow breast and black throat.

Goldwinger....about a tenth of that distanceor less for small birdsand you're in business. I take it you are kidding though :lol:

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