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The stretching / yawning chipmunk shot is great! Makes me a little tired though!

Are the other little guys Pikas as I gather from earlier replies? I don't think those little guys are around my part of the country!


EDIT: I just learned something. After reading the reply about the GMG Squirrel I was curious so I did a Google search and Wiki informed me that the animal above is a Gold Mantled Ground (GMG) Squirrel and differs from a chipmunk due to lack of facial stripes, and the obvious gold mantle!!
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great series, Jim! that last one reminds me of a politician at a press conference!! :lol:
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Awesome series, very cute.
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Great shots, Jim. I reallylike the last one....killer shot!

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Thanks everyone.

JW - I believe Pikas only live in the mountains. You may have to come to Alberta for a holiday. They are easy to find in Banff NP.

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