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Some people come to these forums to advance their knowledge of photography. Some people come to this forum to advance their knowledge of wildlife photography.

This forumjust seems to be a trophy case for people to show off their efforts without sharing how they did it. Few of the posts include any technical info, few of the photos contain EXIF data, and some of the photos actually crashed my browser when I tried to retrieve the EXIF data.

Your information and experience are, of course, your own, and you can do with it what you want. But could you please share some of that informatuion and experience with the rest of us, even if it's in an entirely passive participation on your part?
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Well, as an infrequent poster, I still try to make it a point to leave the exif attached, but I suspect that I sometimes forget, or save for web by mistake.
If posters do leave the data there, it helps people comment on how to improve.
Don't know what exif is, or how to read it? Look here:
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Exchangeable_image_file_format and here:
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I agree it would be usefull. As well as the lens used. It may not always be practical to get people to do all this, but I'll try.

I just checked my last thread "some recent bird shots". To see the EXIF data, you'd have to click on the photo to go to the site its hosted on. Then you'd have to go all the way to the bottom of the page so see the EXIF data. So that's a lot of work. I also noticed that some of the pictures have no EXIF data, it just says "Fujifinepix viewer". That's because I used that program to resize it to a small photo for the net. I'll keep that in mind in future.

But I know for myself, going through all those extra clicks and processes and being the lazy guy I am and how I am usually posting photos at night after going through up to 200 or 300 shots after work when my eyes are already hurting from looking at the computer screen at work all day, I would not post some photos even though I wanted to. I wouldn't want others posting less photos either, because I like looking at them.
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FWIW I don't post that much but I never strip the EXIF data from my images.

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I know that I try to leave the EXIF data on my photos. I agree it does help one learn.

Wacky roger
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I leave my exif in all my photos, but the website I host them on strips it when posting. I'll try to include it for each shot that I now post...cheers...Don
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