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Thank you Bob

Anotherway to turn a boring day at sea into some fun... :lol::-):G
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Amazing shots!! ...Don
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NHL wrote:
penolta wrote:
I"ve seen some long flights (but never that long) - you can see it using its tail on the water's surface to regain momentum.
Did you mean like this?
I did -- that's great!

I was once a guest on the F&WS vessel Oregon out of Biloxi. We were many miles offshore when the cook stuck his head out of the galley and said "Hey - have you guys ever seen a Haul-*** Fish? We looked at him quizzically and he said, pointing to a group of Half-beaks tail walking on the surface of the water, "There! Look at 'em haul ***!" :lol: Half beaks are related to flying fish and use their tails the same way to run along the surface and escape pursuing predators. It was one step from this to evolve fins large enough to glide. We seldom get to see evolutionary stages represented in living forms this way.
CENSORED!! The term was not "Haul-***" it was a three letter term for a donkey, but it was automatically changed to "Haul-bottom"! :x aranoid: It is a historical truth, not an obscenity -- use your imagination and fill it in! :G
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