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penolta wrote:
It is a Bald Eagle - it is possible to confuse first year eagles, but this one is too well photographed to be confused. The bill is more massive, the face pattern is too uniform, the white beneath the wings is too irregular, the feathers under the tail are not reddish, there are no golden feathers on the nape of the neck, and the feet above the toes are not feathered; the opposite of all these would be the case with a juvenile Golden. There is also much overlap in sizes.
Thanks for clarifying the species Penolta. I've only seen a Golden Eagle once, when I was in an area last spring where the raptors come up, during migration, from the south through a river valley in southern Manitoba. That day there were about 10 Bald Eagles, one Golden and around 50 or so Red Tail Hawks .

As mentioned I'm no bird expert, but there were a number around me who were identifying the different birds.

I wish I had Tran's ability with a camera when these migrations take place.
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lesmore49 wrote:
Great shots as usual. I'm no bird expert, but I wonder if the 'immature' baldy is actually a Golden Eagle, which I think is bigger than a Baldy ?

I could be wrong, any bird experts out there?

Superb pictures, what equipment did you use ?
Thank you all for the comments and to Penolta for the detailed explanation on the differences between an immature bald eagle and a golden eagle.

Lesmore49 - I use a canon 20D and a canon 400mm f5.6 lens.

- Hung
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