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Nice shots (your second guess is right - the hawk is a Red-shouldered).

Raccoons come into our yard at night to dig for grubs in our compost bin and dig holes under the bird feeders and elsewhere. They have been squabbling noisily lately - we keep our dogs (Norwegian Elkhounds) in at night, but they did manage to tree a laggard up a utility pole one morning a while back - don't know why I didn't take a picture of it.
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Thanks Penolta,
You know the more I looked at that picture the more Red-tail didn't seem right.
I have had a terrible time with a family of racoons coming into our back yard and tearing up the lawn looking for grubs.:evil:
We always keep our dog in at night so I wasn't worried about that. I did find that if I left the back porch light on the racoons wouldn't come into the yard. I guess they don't like being exposed under the light. After tearing up about 50% of the lawn it is finally starting to recover. Rotten little varmints. :-x I better not catch em back there.
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