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You guys have some AMAZING shots posted in here so let me preface this by saying Im new to "birding" and looking forward to any help that may be tossed my way.

Visited MB with the family for Spring Break. I was referred to a couple of state/national parks and a botanical garden/zoo for these. One of my goals in life is to photograph eagles in the wild. This was far from that but I enjoyed being in the presence of these majestic birds. Thank you for the suggestions everyone!
Shot w/the D3 and the 70-200

taken at the Ripley's aquarium. D3 and the 14-24

Huntington Beach National Park-D3 and the 400 + 1.4 teleconverter. I learned first hand why the Wimberly setup should be on my short list. For these shots I used a monopd which was fine for the resting birds but when it came to the hawks and birds in flight, hand-holding the D3 and the 400 was a struggle.

D3 and 400+tele

D3 and 400+tele funny thing is that i drove 12 hours one way and waited 2 hours for this shot when all I had to do was go down the road about 10 miles from my home, LOL



and one of the family. D3 and 70-200

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Welcome to our little group, DRGSin. Judging from your submissions, it appears that you're already on your way to taking quality avian photos.

If I may make a friendly suggestion (you did ask:-))- try to place your signature blockin an area of the photo where it is less intrusive - and try a smaller font. I know why you're doing what you're doing, but at the end of the day, it's really about thecomposition of the photo. For example, your captures 1 and 5 are spot on,save for the intrusion of the text. Similarly, your BIFs (bird in flight) of the aninga are very good - love the light. Hope this helps. Looking forward to viewing more of your work. Cheers, Dan
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Welcome to the forum!

Looks like you're already up to speed for wildlife shootin'. Maybe what Dan said about the signature being a little smaller will add to your posts. Good luck and look forward to seeing more..

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I Def encourage ALL comments, critiques, criticisms on any of my posts. I totally agree with your comments on the watermark being intrusive. It is meant to be. By no means do I mean to imply that my work is so sought after thatI need to do that, LOL, but its either that or post smaller versions with less resolution whichI dont care for.After unexpectedly dismal salesduring the wrestling season last year, it came to my attention that potential customers were right clicking and saving as with my photos and printing them up at home. OnceI started including watermarks, sales picked up. My take on this is that we, as photographers, have the capability of seeing thingswhen it comes to composing aphoto that goes beyond the regular everyday snapshot that most people see. We are capable, in our minds, of looking at a scene andhighlighting which elements will better tell our story, while deemphasizing others that would detract from it. In a short amount of time we can mentally set up a compositionthat tells the story we wish to convey. So, the wayI reason it is that if a good photographer is capable of doing this difficult task, almost instinctinely, isnt he/she capable of mentally blocking a watermark from a photo? I would think so. As far as people not commenting on photosbecauseawatermark is present, I sure hope thats not the case. regardless,I appreciate you two taking the time to not only look at my post but to add your thoughts. Its very much appreciated.
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Welcome and good photos.

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Thanks Dawg, I appreciate the welcome and the comment!
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