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Default Virginia rail

anyone who's ever tried to photograph a Virginia rail knows how elusive these small shore birds are. they rarely come out in the open, move very fast across any gaps in cover, and they're usually out of sight again before the AF even locks on. and they seldom come out in broad daylight. today at the park, however, there was not one, but TWO of these secretive little fellows scurrying about in the reeds along the shoreline. they were still hard to catch in the open, and still moved quickly, but at least this time i had relatively good light and was able to capture some decent shots. i've been trying to get good pics of a rail for a couple of years, and today seemed to be my day! 40D, 400mm, various exposures...

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Those are very nice shots and great focus inside the grass.

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Rails in dense cover like that are tough (but if you think Virginias ate bad, try Soras) - you were lucky to get anything at all, let alone frame the first two so well.
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Good shots in a tough environment Rocky - way to go! Cheers, Dan
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Outstanding photos, beautiful.
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That's a great catch Rocky!! I managed to get lucky with one of these last year for the first time, and haven't seen one since. Very elusive. Well done!!...cheers...Don
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