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I don't think your a woos. I use an 8gig card in my Nikon D300 which is a 12.3 megapix sensor. Even if I shoot RAW/jpeg fine and capture the image as both I still can shoot 257 images( that's just a little more than 7 rolls of 36 exp film). If I were to use RAW/jpeg normal, I could get 310 images(8.6 rolls of film). Maybe that's the way to go until you get your jpeg legs back?
Just a thought. High capacity cards are getting cheaper and cheaper. So, get a couple and your good to go.
Good luck and best wishes,
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Originally Posted by Tallgrass05 View Post
Does anyone except me use tif anymore?
With my D1x, I had the option of saving in TIF, and it was quite fast. But I didn't use it except to try it out.

My present cameras don't even have a TIF option. Which if it did, I wouldn't use - I shoot RAW 100 percent of the time...

One out of ten shots, it makes the difference between a lost shot and a keeper...

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"found myself wishing I shot them RAW as I would have got better detail having not set up the camera as well as I should have done..."

you don't get any more detail or clarity shooting RAW, and the final image looks identical... the only difference is RAW gives a bit more flexibility in editing, and can sometimes let you recover highlights or balance exposure a little better in PP, if you didn't get it set up the way you wanted in the camera. shooting RAW won't give you sharper or cleaner images, and if you get the exposure right when you're setting up the shot, shooting RAW is basically a waste of memory card space.

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Although I shoot RAW probably only 1% of the time as for my shooting I don't find it is generally needed there are definitely benefits.

This article explains most of them quite clearly for anyone interested or new to RAW.

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For wildlife and scenery I shoot in RAW. Everything else in JPG. I have a Nikon D300 and an 8GB card which gives me - in theory - 385 shots per card (I have 2 cards). I seldom snap bursts of more than 3 or 4 shots at a time (unless tracking a bird in flight or a running animal). But that's just me. I'm a bit of a control nut and I just love to tweak my photos, first in Adobe Camera Raw & then in Photoshop. Yes, it can be time consuming - but I have the time. Having said that, I try not to overlook the basics of proper lighting and exposure on the original shot. Cheers, Dan
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Thanks for all the comments, I'm now decided and I'm sticking to shooting RAW as always, I'm too much of a control freak not to have full control over my photos LOL
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