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wonderful images, all of them
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I love Bluebirds, your shots are really well done. Nice work.
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These little guys are a wonder. I rarely get an opportunity to shoot them. Absolutely gorgeous pictures of them!!!!

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Gary - Have never seen them at my feeders (they rarely eat seed), but have heard some folks say they might take raisins or currants. Also look for them at Cedar trees now. Soon look for them at old Woodpecker holes (beginning to locate nesting sites), or try building a Bluebird nest box. Let me know if you need some construction plans...

Ordo - Thanks for saying so! Glad you enjoyed these.

JohnG - Thanks so much! It took some time of careful following to get to the fence (I was hoping he'd land there, and he did!)

GW - He sure was a good sport to land there for me!

Dan - Thanks so much! Hope all is still going great for you out west!

Ned - Thanks so much!

Aaron - Thanks for your kind and specific comments. They sure are lovely little birds!

Penolta - Thanks for saying so!

Alady40 - Thanks! They are indeed wonderful birds - and great for "bug control" in the summer too!

Smac - I love them too - glad you enjoyed these images of them...

Dave - Thanks so much for saying so. Anytime you are in East Tennessee, I'll be glad to take you to see some...
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hahahaha! the bluebird in the second fence picture is glaring at me!! : )
i know that you can't pick where a bird chooses to sit, but in these photos you have taken full advantage of each of their perches in the photos. yay!
you were wrong, though. the first photo is my favorite. the smooth curves of the bird's body against the rough curves of the tree. it is an interesting combination visually.
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these are superb Mole.

I really love the portraits on the 1st and last shots. and the fence works really nicely in shot #3.

(sorry for the delay, been busy, have been missing a few threads recently)
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