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Default Southern Fox Squirrel

Our TN parks are full of Gray Squirrels all year round - they aren't very shy of people, and don't mind the younger forests and developed places. But our Fox Squirrels are getting rather scarce - they are slower, fatter and shier than the Grays, and they really don't tolerate people that well. So I was delighted to spot a fine-looking Fox Squirrel out on one of our back country trails last Saturday. Did not want to get too close (had the dogs with me), and did not have a long lens. But here are a few views, taken with an old 70-210 zoom lens:
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Wow! That dude is up for the winter. He needs the squirrel equivalent of Jenny Craig.

You did a great job of capturing him BTW.
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very nice Mole.

in illinois river bottom where i grew up we only have fox squirrels, used to have grey squirrels but the more aggressive and larger fox squirrels drove them to the city.
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He's sure way different than the squirrels in this area! Nice catch!
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Good catch!
That squirrel is appropriately named.
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Smac - Thanks! And yes, it sure does look fat - but there's another possibility. Early March is "young'un" season for these guys - perhaps she's pregnant??

Dustin - Very interesting! Our Fox Squirrels are much less aggressive than the Grays...

Gary - There's a LOT of color and pattern variation in Fox Squirrels. Most of ours look like a bigger, fatter, yellowish version of a Gray. But some come like this one with white patches, and some with black patches too.

Aaron - Indeed! and thanks!
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Nice to see a Fox Squirrel since I never see them any longer around here.

There use to be quite a few, but the Grey Squirrel's drove them away and now that is all that is left.

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Great pix. We have both red and grey squirrels out here. Think the greys are an invasive species.

In some parts of Canada they just have black squirrels, which I believe are a genetic variance on grey squirrel.

We also have Polar Bears and lately Grizzly Bears up north. But in the last while scientists have found some bears that are a hybrid between grizzly and Polar Bears.

Nature finds a way.
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