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Originally Posted by tronds View Post
...They seem pretty sharp at my computer. It seems that they end up a bit softer after posting. I don't know why.
The odd dimensions for the second image (799 pixels on the longest side versus 800 pixels for the first image), and much smaller file size (49,603 bytes for the second image versus 165,411 bytes for the first image) leads me to believe that the file size of that second image exceeded the maximum file size the forums allow here, which is why it looks softer, despite your editing efforts.

When you do that (try to upload an image that is larger than allowed), the forums software will automatically resize and resample your images using a very high JPEG compression, that can leave your images looking much softer. Any EXIF information will also be stripped out.

So, to prevent that from happening, make sure your images are within the forum limitations for the maximum file size and dimensions when uploading them (currently set to 1024 pixels on the longest side for dimensions, with a largest file size of 260,000 bytes (253.9 KB). You'll see the maximum file sizes on the Management Attachments screen you use for uploading them.

I see where you were using 95% JPEG Quality from what you say in a previous post. That's probably why it exceeded the maximum file size allowed (chances are, trying to use that high of a JPEG quality setting caused a file size that was larger than allowed). I'd try around 80 to 85% instead, making sure the file size is no larger than about 253KB, unless you want a highly compressed image as a result of the forums resizing and recompressing them again. ;-)

As long as you're within the limits we have set for file size and dimensions, no changes will occur.

See this post for more details:

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Originally Posted by Torgny View Post

Beautiful picture of a starling, I think they call it overseas. Stare is the swedish name. What's the Norwegian name

Definitely a spring sign

In norwegian it's called "Stær". Close to the sweedish version. :-)
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