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Oh you lucky thing having subject matter like that - an excellent series. My faves are the last 2 shots, so cute they go off the cute-ometer.
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Oh, sweet,

Yes, recent research (neuroethics) show that animals, including humans, feel good when they make another being feel good/better. And that extends to other species. So for instance mouses can even cooperate in favour of a member of another species

It's a matter of brain chemistry. Seems we are born to do well to others. Has nothing whatsoever to do with commandments. Somewhere along the line most humans seem to supress that knowledge/ability/innate disposition

Personally I doubt, though, that mouses used in "experiments" should (ethical valuation) / would (practical consideration) cooperate in benefit of their torturers



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The pictures are optimized for slideshows. The slideshow button is at the upper right. Please use your loudspeakers. There is some music, progressive music from the seventies in the different galleries.

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Gorgeous - #4 looks like it is scratching its privates!
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Beautiful shots! I agree with Saly, enter #8 in the potd contest. It's a winner for sure!
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the only suggestion is shooting is such strong sunlight is to ev down to avoid the blown out area of the fur. By -1/3 to -2/3, if you do underexpose a to much, you can always bring it back in PP.
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Very nice. Like them all. Looks like it was a nice sunny day for dog watching.

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Well and also sweet...Greeting
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Thank you everyone for the awesome suggestions and comments, much appreciated.
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