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Default Gators in the wild

Took an airboat ride into the bayou on a recent trip to New Orleans. Of course, I had to get some snaps of the local denizens...






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Beautiful, clear photos. Thank you for sharing.
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Nice "snaps"...
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I dunno John. That last image was taken at a 400mm focal length.

Perhaps you could have captured a more interesting perspective shooting from very close with something like a 24mm lens with the same framing, so that you'd exaggerate the size of the alligator's head more compared to the rest of the scene.

But, then again, the camera may have been eaten, along with a few body parts trying to do it that way.

I'm only teasing of course (about shooting from that close, not the having the camera and body parts eaten if you tried that approach). That was a very nice capture.

I had an Aunt that I spent one summer with when I was a youngster that had a pet gator named Tommy. She had a large pond that the gator lived in. We'd sit on wooden bench swing and she'd yell out "Tommy..... come for din din" a few times. Sure enough, I'd see a gator's snout coming across the pond towards the bank we were sitting on, and it would shyly and slowly crawl towards us when it reached land.

Then, when Tommy was only a few feet from our feet, my Aunt would toss out some pieces of meat that Tommy would eat (tilting his head to the side to grab and swallow it). When it was all gone, she's say "that's all Tommy" and the gator would get up on all 4 legs and race back into the pond (at a *much* faster pace than he appeared to be capable of when first approaching earlier).

BTW, my Aunt also had a pet Doberman Pincher at that time. It was missing one leg (got too close to Tommy when Tommy was "sunning" on the pond banks). ;-)

That gator was her "pet" for many years (and was probably already around 10 feet long when I was a youngster spending the summer there). But, I never did like gators, and that includes Tommy; and I was very surprised at the speed Tommy was capable of when up on all four legs (as you would think a gator was much slower and "lethargic" until it started moving quickly). They can move faster than you'd expect (at least Tommy could). :-)
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Really nice shots.

(Keep using the telephoto, it is not wise to get very close to those suckers, and as Jim mentioned, they can be very fast. )
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Very cool shots. I'd go 24mm next time though
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Thanks everyone. It was a great time. The guide was really very informative. As tempting as it is to go wide angle, I think 400mm works just fine
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