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Default Where can I sell wildlife photos online?

Over the years I have taken a lot of really good wildlife pictures (or at least I think they are good) what are some good online sites to try selling them on, and how does selling photos online work?

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There are two concepts for selling online. First is selling stock images. This is where people go to get images to use for other published material - could be a greeting card or a brochure or an advertisement of some sort.

The second concept is selling prints that people who like your art would buy to hang on their wall.

The truth of the matter is - neither market is worth much anymore. The rates paid for stock images have plummeted over the last 5 years because the supply is huge. You can look at shutterstock.com or istockphoto.com to get some idea of what is out there and what the rates are. But don't expect to make much money from wildlife stock photos.

For prints - this is a tough one. In general, fine art print sales online is not a good business model. It's one thing to have an online viewing for contracted work (wedding, portrait etc...) where you've already been paid and clients are just deciding what prints they want. But a website where people just come looking to buy wildlife prints? Not going to work too well. People that are going to pay decent money for a print want to see that work mounted and framed before they buy. You might consider making other products - calendars or postcards etc and having them sold at a local store. But even that - don't expect much. Again, the supply is enormous. Some can go buy a calendar of professional wildlife photos for $15. You couldn't get them printed and make any profit for that much money.

Bottom line - if your work is good enough for a gallery that's the way you need to go to make money. If it's not good enough for a gallery, the amount of money you're going to make online is insignificant.
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One other idea is Ebay, especially if your photos can be printed poster sized and still look good. I'm sure I am not the only one who has bought them off there. Doubt the margin will be too high so don't expect much other than the satisfaction of knowing someone liked your work enough to pay money for it.

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I would try: http://500px.com/
You can do commercial licensing: https://prime.500px.com/?utm_source=...paign=main_nav
or wall art: http://www.500pxart.com/?utm_source=...paign=main_nav

-> if anything it will answer this "(or at least I think they are good)" for you when the images are uploaded...
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