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It usually doesn't matter much if part of the branch is sharper than the rest. I would be very surprised if anyone would notice. You could, of course, just sharpen the entire branch. I used to do that, and still do some times. I'm only more careful when I think it will make a difference and I have the time.

But one trick to "sharpening" isn't necessarily to make something sharper, but it can also be about making the distracting element less sharp. In the case of the branch, I'd be afraid to sharpen it enough that some small white parts become very white or pure white. That will stand out and be noticed. But you don't know if it will cause a problem or not. You could use a combination of what Vito is suggesting and what I'm thinking. Sharpen the branch too on a separate layer. If you dislike the branch, erase it to get back the unsharpened look.

Ya, the painting it black to avoid the halo is harder than you might think. The magic wand method of selecting isn't that hard, it just takes time. But in this picture, the background is so simle that cloning is very easy. If the cloning were harder 'cause of background complexity the mask might be better/easier... don't know.

I was reworking the picture again, but... its late and I'm tired (again.) I really gotta edit a picture during the day some time so I'm awake enough to actually finish it! It's 1:09am here, gotta get to sleep.

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a good capture again eric, bravo

vito you have done a good work on his picture, very sharp
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eric really nice picture. Like the pose and the color. Great catch!

Vito I like your bling bling version also. Being so sharp almost makes it look 3d against the sky.
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