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Kruger National Park, South Africa

This was a difficult shot for me as a beginner. The sun was nearly directly overhead and the bird about 4m up a tree with little time before the scorpion would be swallowed. So all I did was offset the white balance by 2 stops. Seems to have worked for the bird but unfortunately the white tree over exposed.

Any suggestions on how this should be accomplished. I find that a lot of birds tend to sit with their back to the sun leaving them in shadow against a bright sky. I do use fill flash were possible but a lot of the time they are out off reach for the flash to be effective.

Canon 10D 100-400mm IS 1/250s 5.6F 100 ISO
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nice shot, what a beautiful color that bird has.
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Another beautiful bird. It is making me call in sick and go out and shoot.

This shot the bird seems soft, coz of the f5.6. Try something like f8, it works better with 100-400L. I am using min ISO of 200 for all my shots. Noice is not much an issue at that ISO.

Also if you shoot RAW, you can expose for tree and the bird separately and then combine the 2 shots into 1 using PS. It really works.

I would also crop out part of the tree on the bottom. It distracts the viewer from thebird.

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