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Visited with a friend this weekend who has 2 hummingbird feeders outside her front door. At any time there are dozens ofbirds zooming in and around the area. She has to refill the feeders everyday, sometimes twice. These were taken in the late afternoon with very little light. Didn't use a fill flash (I didn't think of it). Plan to go back when I have lots of daylight to play with.

Black chinned hummer on the left and I think the other two are Annas.

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great shot, I dont know if we get anything like them over here but I sure would like to have a chance to photograph one.
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This picture didn't need a fill flash. It's great as is

In my opinion it's rather ridiculous that the birds fall for the fake flowers(they are feather-brained and/or bird-brained):lol:, but it should bring great photo opportunities.

Keep it up!
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Suzan, it looks like you've got a "Fourfer" of hummers there, I can see a bit of a wing or tail on the back side of the feeder too :>). Not sure but that the fella on the left looks like an Anna's, too, with the narrow wing, the green spots mottled on the sides and the flared gorget. He also shows a bit of color in the crown and I think it's just the angle of light which fails to illuminate the iridescent red feathers in the rest of the throat and crown. You were lucky to get several Anna's to get along well enough to tolerate each other on the same feeder. Nice photo, looks like you're using a Panasonic camera, yes?

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Really interesting shot. Here in Ga. we mainly have ruby throated hummingbirds. They are very territorial and guard "thier" feeder with a vengance from other hummingbirds.



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