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Dark eyed Junco. This guy landed about feet from me. Got one quick shot.

Chickadee. My first Chickadee pics. Glad I was able to get up on them cause it was such a dark day I need a bird with a little color.

Mystery bird. Looks kind of like a white crowned sparrow but the color on the head is not white.

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Nice job zoomn, that Junco's a beauty. I love the fuzzy texture of those feathers, great pose, and the background is slick. Glad to see you met a few chickadees because I know that if you saw 1 you saw a ton; if not, just wait and they will come. Tough getting eye definition on these little ones but that's a super photo. I can't help you out on that last bird; it's a nice looking bird, some sort of chipping, clay-colored, field sparrow cross :?

style="BACKGROUND-COLOR: #000000"Anyway, good work, did you get that tripod yet or are you still using tree trunks?
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Old Jan 9, 2005, 8:23 AM   #3
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Really good shots!!! In a way, I like the sparrow the best, because of the good
DOF and getting all those branches. Then again, I'm a critter in the
environment sort of person. As far as the Chickadees, wait and more will come like Norm said.
But around here the way they "herd", if you wait to long once they show up,
they're gone just as quick.
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Old Jan 9, 2005, 11:32 AM   #4
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I was kind of holding off posting any message on this thread, zoomn, until I saw if anyone else gave you your id on that last bird - just wanted to see what they came up with... :-)

I think your original thoughts that it was a white-crowned sparrow are dead on. It's not exhibiting adult plumage yet, probably just a first winter bird. The signs are the pink-orange bill, hint of wing bars in this picture, brown-striped crown, streakless breast with gray.

I like your junco shot, there's really pleasing detail with the only thing I'm wishing for is a a little more brightness in the head area. It looks to me like you could easily bring that out in PS.

The chickadee is real cute also. I love the look of those spindly little legs and claws holding it to the branch.
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These are great shots. Well done.
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I like the Junco & Chickadee very much. Are these with thr tripod or hand held?
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