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I have heard or seen this Pileated Woodpecker in this one area several times
at the same time of day. Yesterday, by the time I heard him and tracked him
down, I spotted him, but before I could get a pic he jumped into this hole in
a tree. I think this may be his house, considering it was late in the day and
he never came back out. If that's the case, I just need to be there before he
comes home from "work" to get some picks of him. Crossing my fingers!!!
I did get a photo of him peeking out of his hole.

Drebel, ISO 400, 100-400L @ 400mm, 1/200 sec, f/5.6, 420EX flash, 35% crop,
Neat Image, 0.3,100% USM
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I hope you can get the shot. They are lovely birds.

I would suggest that you find out if they are nesting now or not. If so, you need to be very careful around that hole. You don't want to drive them away from it, which costs them energy to make a new one. If they have eggs, scarring them away can cause the eggs to cool off and they'll never hatch. Once they have chicks they won't abandon them (I don't believe) so that is slightly less of a worry.

The other problem is drawing attention to the nest might alert a preditor to it and that can cause big trouble too.

Bit with a little education and careful approaches you should be fine. I hope you get the shot... I haven't see a Pileated in about... 5 years. I've heard them but not see them. I'd love to get a shot of one.

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What a great tantalizing look at a Pileated to lure us in, woodmeister! You better keep at it because I'm looking forward to a more comprehensive series of shots of this bird. If this really is the bird's nesting hole you can really do a great job of documenting their breeding season. However, as Eric cautioned, don't do anything that would cause them to want to leave or that would attract attention of other people to their immediate vicinity.
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