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For couple of hrs today morning. Got real lucky with the different types of birds that I was able to shoot at my local park.

Wren/Thrush, Osprey, Red-tailed hawk, Magpie, Blue bird, Junco, Great & Snown egret, One unknown bird, Starling, Meadowlark and so on. Will post them as I process. Here is the wren (Marsh Wren ???) or the Thrush (Hermit???)

For these I was in AI servo mode (by mistake) but the shots came out ok.

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Nice pose photos bobby. I especially like the 3 toned background, fits in real nice with the bird. We had lots of sun tootoday, butit was suppressed by the massive wall of cold. I hope your hawk and osprey shots worked out well and look forward to seeing them...the others too, but those are the ones I'm most interested in.
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Old Jan 16, 2005, 6:35 AM   #3
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What you got there is a sparrow of some sort. Looks like it could be a Song
Sparrow. But when it comes to these little brown jobs, I'm not always correct
on the ID, except that it is a sparrow. Wrens and thrushes have longer and less
chisle shaped bills.
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Nice shots, bobby. A sparrow it is, probably a Song Sparrow. The Song Sparrows up in my neck of the woods tend to come with darker stripes along the sides and breast, and with a larger number of them - the bird guides to describe regional differences so I do still think the id is correct...
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