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Adjustment layers are really handy and very powerful. Well, I could say more but knowing your level of PS skill/knowledge I don't need to push them on you... I'm sure you tried them and found they didn't do what you want. Being able to go through your workflow and then go back and tweak a setting afterwards (like using USM for contrast adjustment and deciding I like it but I should really re-adjust the curve for contrast... I can do that with an adjustment layer. I can't with a normal layer.)

From what you describe of your workflow I certainly avoids the problem I was talking about. I'm taking a PS class and the instructor has a good point that working that way (which is similar to how I worked before using adjustment layers more) you loose flexability in the future. His logic, which I mostly agree with, is that RAW converters are getting better all the time. If you make your changes in adjustment layers you can always reconvert your image, load the original file and then put the new RAW converted copy of the picture into the bottom layer. All the adjustment layers will suddently apply to the new version of the picture and you won't have to reedit the entire image.

I really wish anything could be an adjustment layer (or not.) That would be the best world, really.

I actually saved that previous thread to my hard disk so I could look it over again without loosing it. It was really well done (I thanked you then, but I'll do it again! Thanks!)

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Eric great series! It was worth all of the extra effort! It is amazing to get those kinds of shots. Thanks for sharing them with us.

Trique Daddi
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