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Hi Eric.

This is a very nice shot. I think you could even back off a tad more but leave the bird in the same relative position with a bit more room all the way around.

Extra space needs to be left to the left for the bird to move into and below because the bird is hunting the space below. I agree with your composition assessment.

Very nice photoshop work to bring the colors out on the dark side of the owl.

If it were me I would darken it overall a couple points. Probably just me but I tend to like things a little darker generally.

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Very nice flight shot. On my laptop screen the right side looks a bitdarker than I would like.

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Really nice. Wish I had the PS skills to do all you went through. Turned out well. For my eye, I ceartainly would not crop any closer. Back a little with sky around the wings is OK. I want to see all of the bird, which is what you have done. Very well indeed.

Just curious, I assume you used a tri pod, did you have a blind as well?

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Bobbyz, interesing observation. Now that you point it out I'll have to go look. The background does seem a little bit more gray than on the left. Weird. It could be real, or an artifact of my editing. (And either way, it is correctable.)

I do shoot from blinds (I don't own one, but I go to them), but I didn't this time. Given about a half hour of standing around the short ears adjusted to me very well. I didn't make sudden movements around them and I made sure not to stare at them while walking. I was also careful how I carried my camera (picked it straight up, not sticking the legs out infront of me.) I don't know if this helped, but it didn't hurt.

I use a tripod whenever I can. The 600mm lens is just too powerful and too heavy to hand hold for long. You really gotta use a tripod, and in this case I did. I was able to get the very good Gitzo 1348 used last year. Great deal and an amazing tripod.

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Wow...you took my breath away with that one! Awesome!
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