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First, CONGRATS, Eric , fanatastic Eagle shots, an eagle in flight has to be one of the most spectacular sights, and to have captured it as you have is simply awesome

Here is a very stationary African Fish-Eagle, totally in the wilds, yet he allowed me to get fairly close to him/her. It did eventually fly off, but I wasn't prepared for the take off.

Incidently, peripatetic, this was taken with the 70-300 DO, it is quite soft, even having run Fredmiranda's CSpro for the 20D through it. I have also since discovered that shooting RAW is better [I'm sure you all knew that long ago] because PS's sharpening is better than the camera's

Anyway,we will be going back there next weekend, this time with my100-400, [and hopefully a bit more skill] perhaps some flight shots will be in order?!

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I like the shot quite a bit. A touch too much sharpening, as you can see the dark halo around its head. But that is not a statement about your photographic technique, which is the major thing here.

I've heard of fish eagles before, but not an African one. They look really lovely. Do you know much about the bird? I'm interested to learn more. I've spend some time learning about our "fish eagle" the Osprey (Its the origional or "old name" for an osprey, but it really isn't an eagle.)

I like the shot. You got good feather detail, except for that portion on the neck... but this is a hard shooting situation. The dark of the background and shadow area mixed with the white of the breast/neck. Very difficult. I think you did a good job.


ps. Glad you liked my shot. I was very hapy with it myself. I'm going back to the same location tomorrow... maybe I'll get another good one!
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What an interesting looking bird. Another shot with it out of the shadows would have been nice, hard to get them to listen and cooperate though.

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Yeah, I like that shot too. It's got the DO feel to it for sure, but it pleases my eye. More like a "portrait" of an eagle than a documentary shot.

I also got the FM sharpening workflow but find that it actually over-sharpens for web-output, and all-round I've not been that impressed although it is clearly better than a simple USM.

Only a couple of days after getting it I read Michael Reichman's recommendations - aarg!


Anyway, I am now using a trial version of Photokit Sharpener, and it seems great, much better than the FM automation. It's got a 30 day free trial period so there's nothing to lose by trying it.

I have already got NeatImage and it seems very good so I'm not worried that Noise Ninja might have a slight advantage, the two programs seem to leap-frog each other with each release. So it looks like I'm going to have to fork out another $99 for Photokit Sharpener; at least the US dollar is cheap at the moment.

I finally got to see a bit of sunshine yesterday and have posted a few pics with the DO in the lenses forum.
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Hi Eric/Peter, thanks for the replies.

Eric, the African Fish-Eagle [used to be called the African Fish Eagle, now with a hyphen, they've changed about 300 bird names here, to globalise the names, a good idea, but quite difficult to get used to IE : the "Black Eagle", which we have called it by that name since "before the war" is now Verreaux's Eagle] .... back to the Fish Eagle :- It is relatively common,occurring in both fresh and salt waterlakes, often seen and heard in Africandocumentries [along with the Hadeda Ibis]. It has a beautiful call, throws it's head wayback when calling,it's diet consists mainly of fish, occassional rodents etc. as well. We have on 2 occassions seen an Osprey, they apparently do not breed in SA and are a relatively scarcemigrant, so to see one is great. The Fish Eagle is known to rob them of their catches, I suppose they are "rivals" in their field[water]

Peter, this particular bird unfortunately would not budge out of the shade, so hence the "burnt out" white feathers, and maybe one can attach filters to neutralise high contrasting light sources? Something I need to learn. I have attached another pic with his back to me, almost out of the shade,showing his rich browncoloration, all in all a good looking bird with a good voice [not like Barbara Striesand]

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