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With more here:

I went on a walk on Saturday with the local birding club I'm in. I saw lots of good stuff, these are just an sample.

The first came zipping down the river very fast (with the current & his own power.) I don't often see them this close, so I setup head of him where there was a gap in the bushes. I got one shot, and I'm happy with it. What a great beak they have.

The second I came upon while just walking along with the group. It was just sitting there on the ice resting. It look around for a bit, let out this yawn and slipped into the water away from us. I feel bad that we drove it away, but it certainly wasn't in a rush as it took several minutes before it finally left.

The last is my first coopers hawk photo. I've seen them flying and such, but never close enough for a good pictures... until now. We were just getting ready to leave when someone was lucky enough to see it fly in and land up over the water. We were very happy to see it! There are two others in the gallery.

All taken at ISO200 on the 20D.
1) 1/2000 f5.6 600mm + 1.4TC
2) 1/1000 f4 600mm
3) 1/1250 f5.6 600mm +1.4TC

The usual stuff. I had to play some masking tricks to not blow out hilights. A lot in the first picture (that white side was tricky) and a touch on the merg. The coopers was easy to edit.

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Great shooting eric, that second one is priceless; love the angle and of course the expression and hairstyle are wild.
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I agree with Norm, that second one is great.:-)
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eric, you should walk the river more often. Nice shots. How do you cary that big 600 when you are out like that? Must be a handful. The clear shots say it all though.
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Glad you all like them. Since this is my first good Coopers Hawk picture, I rate it higher than it really deserves. #2 is a better picture but there is a little place in my heard for #3. I've found #1 to be really hard to get. They are just scared of people.

No matter what the temperature, I always wear by large LowePro backpack (I forget which it is, but it can hold the 600 inside it. So its a BIG one.) I use that to help carry the weight. I strap it around my waist and chest and then carry the lens (on tripod) over my shoulder with the lens across the top of the bag. It helps shift some of the weight to my waist and off my shoulders. I've tried carrying that lens without the backpack but I quickly have to stop. It digs into my shoulder and is really heavy.

I've shot on that river before, but never with such good results. I'm hoping to do it again soon.

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Nice shots Eric. The second one is the winner. Excellent exposure, detail,
and the the catch on the pose is great.
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