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Great shots houston. Looks like your getting along real well with that new
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These are very nice shots Houston, and if one considers that youonlygot your lensa fewdays before, I'd say they are darn good [Well. for me anyway, it takes a looong time time to get to learn to use an instrument, and especially when you're taking a moving subject, and especially a flying bird]

Well done, I'd say. It's quite a challenge, this flying bird thing, I must say I'm really enjoying it, and the 100-400 lens has opened up a whole new world of opportunities

Cheers Houston [sell some photos, employ a garden service and take photos on Sundays as well !!!!]
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Nice shots. You could try somewhat higher ISO - I have had good results going as high as ISO 1600 using my Nikon 80-400 lens (at lower light than in your shots).
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I like these.
I remember you commenting about the backgrounds being buildings.... and I see your point. Sure, you'd rather have plants but I don't find it that bad.

I like the first two the best. I've never seen a red shouldered (at least, not knowingly) so I like the look of the flight feathers flaring up and the tail wide. You've got good detail and the whites are good.

The second one might have a slight over sharpening artifact in the jaggie edges on the internal edges of the primary feathers. But that could also be jpg compression or an artifact of reducing the image.

I like the third one, but something bugs me. Maybe its the slight motion blur causing a lack of detail on the head? Not seeing the eye? Something. Either way, I like the pose 'cause I like to see the underwing plumage.

Something weird is going on in the 4th shot. There is a blue fringe to the back wing tip that I find distracting. Don't know what it is. Look at those powerful legs!

I think you did well with the red tail. That might be your only shot, but I think you did fairly well.

Ottawa-Canada's comments about using a higher iso isn't a bad one. You'll get better results at 200 than, 400... but doubling the shutter speed might have helped. The question is if neat image could have cleaned up the noise and kept the detail. I wouldn't have gone to ISO1600, the lack of detail (even after NR) would have showed.

Nicely done! I'm glad I could help with the advice.

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