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I'm really not happy with any of these shots. Way to much noise from shooting at ISO 800. So by the time I got rid of the noise, I also got rid of details. This shows up the most in image three and four...

This probably would not be a problem for those who shoot for other purposes than wildlife where for professional uses, you MUST show tiny detail, at least for some shots.

That being said, the power of 12.4 MP really shows up. These were shot from a hundred yards away and are tightly cropped.

With the D1x, this would not have been possible.

ISO 500 is acceptable for noise and my next shoot is for Monday, so I hope to post some really sharp stuff that would have been impossible before.

As far as these images go, I've rarely seen the Glossy hunt for fish, but this one did, and actually caught a few!

And while this bird looks strange on the ground, in the air they assume a science fiction personna... :lol:

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Dave, I like them. Have you tried removing the noise from everything but the bird?
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Yes and no. I found the noise objectionable and to sum up here, you are looking at itty bitty thumbnails, in which it's hard to REALLY see what I'm talking about...

Now the images at ISO 800 are quite good. But they are quite good for landscapes, reporting the news, etc...

But for this kind of photography, even those I call "Glossyscapes," etc, I found it objectionalble. When I zoom in on a bird, I can see the grain of noise. At ISO 500, this grain is GREATLY reduced, so that I can actually increase the sharpness without a problem. Here incrasing sharpness MUST be followed by noise removal. A vicious cycle :-)

My main regret is that I shot the whole day at that ISO, and some of the images would have been real winners without the noise....

Compare to two posts I've made on this Ibis. In some respects the greater dynamic range of this camera is apparent, on some the noise removal is apparent...

I'll just have to shoot with the lower ISO. Such is life...

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