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djb wrote:
Suzan, you are now my official post processor!!!! looks really good. that is what i was looking for but, as i say, my PSCS skills are lacking. thanx!!


I don't NEED my job back, I've already sold "my" image to Upper Slobovia, where the Muskrat is the National Symbol!!!


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Dave, i'm sorry but, Suzan has you beat!!!:blah: The greens are more natural in her processing than in mine and yours. though, yours is better than mine. i guess, i'll have to slow down on the picture taking and work more on processing??? i don't know if i can do that. i think i'm turning into a nature photo junkie!!! i'm affraid if i don't go out and take pictures, i'll miss something real good and be kickin myself for a long long time!!!:? most of you are fairly skilled at processing images. i guess i'm gonna hafta jump into the raw mode and have a bit more latitude in processing. in PS CS2 do i use the bridge option to get and process raw images??? then what?? convert the edit raw into jpeg and finish them up??

gee i wish i wasn't at work now!!!! i'd rather be at the swamp with all the wildlife hang around. even mosquitoes seem better than being here!!! thanx all!!

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