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Hey everybody i went to maryland recently and finally caught some shots of some birds and got really really lucky when one bird even let me get really close and take its picture,it really liked having its picture taken beacause he just sat there for a while and didnt mind me taking pictures of him at all, I Was so thrilled to have gotten all of these shots! take a look at these!

*Critique Knowing Im Only 16 And An Amature*

Ohh and for anyone who'd like to know, I Shot these pictures with a Fujifilm S3000 In Macro On The 0.3 Mp Setting.

The last one is my favorite, Im just amazed that i myself took these pictures!!!

Im so proud of them i might even enter one into the county fair coming up pretty soon

Hope everyone enjoys viewing them as much as i did taking them!.
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Looks like a young robin. Don't know what happened to his tail.

Critique wise, I would say the light is harsh. You can darken them in PS. Also when shooting birds a lower angle works best so you are shooting them from their eye level.
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Yeah, nice. Looks like a baby that tried to fly and couldn't quite do it yet. I agree that getting lower, closer to the birds level will make shots like this even better.
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These are very nice images. The only thing wrong with them is in the processing, not the image themselves.

Save the original and play with them in your images processing program.

If they look "good" to you, check them on someone elses computer and calibrate your monitor.

As for the angle. I find it an interesting angle, but the critics have a point. Try to get a level shot first IF POSSIBLE.

If you have the time, than you can experiment with other angles. But I like this angle...:lol:

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I am pretty much in agreement with what's already been said. As for the
little guy letting you take its picture, the youngster isn't old enough yet to
know what to be afraid of.
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